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The Council of Foxes EP

The EP ‘The Council of Foxes’ based entirely on a true story, took just 6 weeks to write, perform and record. The inception of each song came about through 3 full weeks of complete ‘isolation’ in the now dubbed ‘Studio 8′ basement studio in the heart of Berlin. The number 8 being both a symbol of ‘infinity’ and a favourite number. The sonic approach to the EP saw a total rejection of traditional ‘processing’ and only two compressors and a handful of equalisers were used on each song. Original artwork created by AU, Texas artist Joseph Irizarry took 3 weeks to realise and encapsulates the true story through the ‘degrading Fox’, referenced in the title song, and the now immortalised ‘Elk Boy’ who is set to feature in both future releases and Live show projections. The second song entitled ‘Polyester Avalanche/Dionysia’ references the Dionysian Mystery Religion cult practiced in early Mycenaean Greece. ‘Outsiders’ from society would use dance and music and copious amounts of wine to remove inhibitions and social restraints and find a sense of individuality through theater. The word ‘enthusiasm’ is thought to originate from this practice of intoxication. This ‘enthusiasm’ was embodied in each Chorus of the song which energetically play light on the idea of a more fabricated, processed and synthetic world. The third song entitled ‘Jump, Wagon and Band’ features a Cavaill√©-Coll Pipe Organ by Mauro Pacella. The song also features a Gregorian Choir singing in Latin recorded entirely through performance and vocal layering. The Latin translation into English refers to a man staring into ‘The Abyss’ and realising that after too long, the Abyss would look back at him and he would become mad through intolerant repetition. This, in part, is a reference to Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s quote “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you” from his work “Beyond Good and Evil”(1886). The references refer to both the story of the title track and it’s lyric ‘Nightcrawling’ and ‘Shadow Drifters’ as well as referring to the 3 week ‘isolation’ during writing and recording being representative of ‘The Abyss’ itself.

The Council of Foxes by Herdwhite

Thanks to:
Nicholas Emm, Joseph Irizarry, Nigel Pegram, Matthew Pegram, Phil Walker, Cameron Laing, Gidon Carmel and Andrew Reid.

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